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Unique Brick Pavers: Creating Extraordinary Beauty and Value

Unique Brick Pavers is owned and operated by experienced paver professionals who have been working in the interlocking brick paving industry in the Tampa Bay Area since 1998. We are located in Pinellas Park, Florida, and we service the broader Tampa Bay Area.

We specialize in making your residential exteriors inspiring and enjoyable, where you can entertain, play and relax. We also help turn humdrum commercial property driveways, parking areas, walkways and entryways into unique and attractive features that are as eye-pleasing as they are practical and value-adding.

Unique Brick Pavers utilizes a very hands-on installation approach that enhances the natural quality of all our paver products, supplied by the very best statewide paver and tile manufacturers.

Experience Counts

The company principals, Rogerio ‘Roger’ Lemos and Waidson Duarte have decades of experience designing and installing every kind of paver project imaginable.

Roger and Waidson always go the extra mile to ensure that every client appreciates not just their decades of experience and expertise, but also their attention to detail – all the big and little things that make the ultimate difference in workmanship, quality and aesthetics. We strive to make every client happy by doing everything possible to satisfy every client’s needs, such as scheduling, collaborating on paver choices and designs – and we always rise to meet any special client needs.

A Note On Design

We always invite clients to collaborate choosing the ideal pavers and to help create pleasing designs. Clients are shown countless pictures of (and actual) pavers, as well as examples of installations, from all our excellent state-wide paver suppliers. Clients can go over all the available colors, types, shapes, qualities, advantages and disadvantages for any particular application.

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Call us any time for a quote or just to discuss your project and share ideas. Our vast experience and expertise includes knowing what will work and will last and what may not.

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