Popular Integrated Paver Services

Each type of paver enjoys certain advantages over other types, depending on the application and various other factors.

When choosing pavers for a job, we need to consider such aspects as the cost of the paver itself, as well as its suitability for the application, and then figure in various details about the site preparation and scheduling the project. We work closely with our clients to arrive at the best decision.

Why Choose One Type Of Paver Over Another?

Pavers enjoy significant advantages in both initial cost and subsequent low maintenance costs. The durability of integrated pavers and their ease of repair, not to mention their inherent design flexibility and beauty make them the popular choice for driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways and retaining walls, fire pits, fireplaces and even decorative functional columns.

Essential Considerations
For Each Service

While some pavers excel in some types of uses, others may be more desirable in other applications. Unique Brick Pavers works closely with each client to make sure they understand these factors. We want clients to be able to share in the decision making if they wish.

Here are the major factors to consider for each type of service:


Bottom line: Paver driveways are not only more durable than concrete, they are elegantly beautiful and add value to any property.


Bottom line: Paver patios are more beautiful, easier to maintain, and last longer than concrete.

Pool Decks

Bottom line: It’s wise to choose pavers in the first place for all new pool decks. They’re the smart way to go because pavers don’t have the inherent problems of concrete.

Pool Tile Coping

Almost every pool has “coping” –  the ledge around an in-ground pool where the edge of the deck meets the sides of the pool. Coping is usually done in pavers or in concrete, and of course, pavers are far more attractive than a featureless strip of grey concrete. From the coping down the sides of the pool to the water line, good pools usually have eye-pleasing porcelain, ceramic or glass tiles installed. 

Bottom line: When we are subcontracted to do new tiling or coping, we can demonstrate how older materials can be replaced with more versatile and more attractive new tiles.


Walkways offer an incredibly aesthetic addition to a landscaped yard or garden area, especially when combined with seating areas, perhaps with a fire pit, BBQ or even an outdoor kitchen. Walkways also are an obvious addition when retaining walls are required in a hilly area. Unique Brick Pavers has created numerous aesthetic walkways for clients using a variety of classic pavers.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are often planned as beautiful, step-down areas designed to include seating areas and even fireplaces. When walls are actually a required necessity for a site because of the topography, they still can be designed and adapted to something beautiful. In other words, paving stones provide the freedom of combining the decorative with the functional.

Fire pits / columns

If you want to do something attractive and different in a back yard, these are some enjoyable elements easily achieved using pavers. Such features are worth considering and are very popular when combined with water features such as fountains, pools and koi ponds.

Bottom line: The hardscape possibilities of pavers are endless, and we can make your dream backyard come true.

“We know what will maximize visual impact and endure the test of time.”

With over 20 years of paver experience and expertise, Unique Brick Pavers brings professionally licensed, ICPI and SRW certified Tampa Bay area specialists to every project.

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